Infinity Jam

In 2013 I invited 5 dancers, 5 musicians and 5 camera operators to come into the exhibition space of ‘Infinty: Time and Process’ and asked them to improvise in relation to everything in the space. This film is the result.

With thanks to:

Exhibition Co-Curator – Rachel Guthrie

Dancers – Eva Chambers, Harriet Parker-Beldeau, Katie Saunders, Maren Fidje, Sophie Lowen

Musicians – Ally Taylor, Jotham Oakley, Serena Dalton, Pete Coggan Glenda Allaway, Sophie Lowen

Cameras – Chris Smyth, Josh Hailes, Iona Inglesby, Josh Berry, Pete Coggan

Artists – Pia-Jae Carpenter,┬áTom Costello, Steve Gee, Carlota Simo, Josh Brown, Josh Berry, Beatriz Acevedo, Miguel Ivorra, Grace Hoskens,